Terms of Service

Ghum Free has vast archives that comprises of data provided by all of the site’s stakeholders, be it the owners or the clients. To make sure that the site safeguards the common law and the customary rights of the users Ghum Free is protected by copyright laws and user’s agreements. 

By using Ghum Free you agree to abide by all the terms and conditions governing our site. And that, you agree to each and every one of these terms and conditions in full when using our website. If you disagree with any part of it, then you must NOT use our website.  

By using ghumfree.pk you agree to: 

1. Not Republish Any Information From The Website
Before using Ghum Free you agree to acknowledge that all of the information on the website and each and every service offered through it, including the arrangement, structure, presentation of content and the software itself is protected by property rights.

Moreover, unless authorized by ghumfree.pk or by its known and recognized rights holders you may not reproduce, alter, modify, disassemble, distribute, rent, loan, reverse engineer, make available or accessible to the third party/ public under any circumstance.

It is strictly prohibited to include the text, images, advertisement and any other information that is posted on the website for use on another site or portal without written permission by ghumfree.pk.

Also, the user shall not remove or alter the signs and logos of the website and republish them for any purpose whatsoever.

2. Not Post Multiple Ads For The Same Product/Service

Your agreement to Ghum Free’s terms and conditions implies that you give your consent not to post multiple advertisements of the same product/service. Also, you are not allowed to tweak or alter the same advertisement and post it even twice. Doing so is a serious breach of agreement and it can lead to termination of your account. 

3. Not Post Any Inappropriate Or Illegal Content On The Website

Your agreement to adhere to our terms and conditions underlies that you give your consent to maintain proper decorum while using our site. You agree to abide by all of the acceptable social and business norms and to work by and maintain the general code of conduct that has been outlined by statuary laws.   

By using ghumfree.pk you agree to:

      •  Not post, mail or put up advertisements that violates the law.
      •  Make available only the content that is copyrighted, patented, protected or subject to third-party proprietary rights and permissions.  
      •  Not post any advertisements or content that discriminates or causes offence to any sex, race, cast, creed, handicap, family status and national origin.
      •  Not post any content that is abusive, unlawful, threatening, harassing, defamatory or pornographic, violates the affirmative rights or incurs an invasion of privacy. 
      •  Not to post without the consent of an individual any sort of personal information about him. 
      •  Not to impersonate an entity and person without their discretion or to even fake affiliation with any person or entity. 
      •  Not to post information that is deceitful and misleading.  
      •  Not to post information that comprises of affiliate marketing, link building, spam, chain letters, viruses, pyramid schemes and unsolicited adverts. 
      •  Also, you agree to not contact anyone who does not want to be contacted. In particular, you agree not to “stalk” or “harass” anyone whatsoever. 
      •  You agree not to collect personal data about anyone for unethical purposes.
      •  You agree not to use any spiders, robots and crawlers for any purpose. 

4. That Ghum Free Reserves The Right To Edit Or Delete Any Content From The Website 

By agreeing to the terms and conditions of ghumfree.pk, you agree that Ghum Free may establish certain limits and policies regarding the use of service. It may improvise its methods and procedures of use and it may set various exclusions and limiting factors to your posts. 

Ghum Free decides the number of days the posts will be retained and publicized for the viewers. It can set limits to the maximum number and size of your postings and the e-mail messages and content that may be transmitted by the website. 

Moreover, the frequency with which you may visit the site and use it for advertising is decided by the ghumfree.pk management. Ghum Free reserves the right to modify and suspend its service at any point in time with or without notice. 

When agreeing to our terms and conditions you give us the consent to, at our absolute discretion, deactivate or delete your user’s account whenever we want to. Not only that if we trace any illegal or suspicious activity from that account we may also block your IP address and e-mail and report you to the authorities. 

5. Products That Are Prohibited Or Illegal In Any Way Are Not Allowed

Ghum Free strictly prohibits and condemns the advertising of items that are illegal and that have been smuggled into the country, made by slave or child labor.Also, listings that involve postings of any franchise, pyramid schemes and any dealings that require upfront payments and commissions are strictly prohibited. 

Other black listed items include:
  •       • Alcoholic Beverages/ Hard Drinks
  •       • Blood, Bodily Fluids and Body Parts
  •       • Smuggled Items
  •       • Counterfeit currency, stamps or coins
  •       • Counterfeit Products
  •       • Embargoed Goods
  •       • Government and Transit Uniforms, ID's and Licenses
  •       • Police & Other Security Forces Badges and Uniforms
  •       • Stocks and Other Securities
  •       • Stolen Property
  •       • Tobacco Products or any product that may cause trances and hallucinations
  •       • Used Cosmetics that may cause infections and hives
  •       • Weapons and related items (such as firearms, firearm parts and magazines, ammunition, pellet guns, tear gas, stun guns, switch blade knives, and martial arts weapons). 
  •       • All types of drugs including pharmaceutical over the counter drugs, prescription drugs and controlled substances
  •       • All type of illegal services and products
  •       • Hazardous Materials
  •       • Fireworks and Explosives (any product that may result in arson)
  •       • Identity Documents, Personal Financial Records & Personal Information
  •        Lottery Tickets and Slot Machine
  •        Obscene Material and all types of Pornography
  •        Pictures or images that contain nudity

6. Not To Post Product In The Wrong Category

When agreeing to use ghumfree.pk you give your consent to the fact that you understand that while using the website you will adhere to our accuracy and safety policies. You agree that you will post each and every advertisement under the correct categories and you solely will be held responsible for any sort of misunderstandings or misinterpretations that may be caused.  

Any sort of content that is objectionable, offensive and indecent may cause serious actions to be taken against the person or agency held responsible for posting it. 

7. Disclaimer

By agreeing to use ghumfree.pk you acknowledge that you are using the website and its services at your own risk. GhumFree takes no responsibility for the accuracy, errors and mistakes of the content. Moreover GhumFree does not take any warranty for any product or service advertised on the website by a third party. You should use your own judgement before every transaction.