Frequently Asked Questions

Here is all the help you will ever need to get to know better. As, an unsurpassed customer service is a quality we cherish. Be it a question about our procedures or regarding the adverts that you have already posted, we can nail down each and every query you may have by providing you concrete answers for all. 

1. How do I register on Ghum Free?

In order to post an advertisement on, it is important that you first register yourself with us. The registration process is hassle free and takes just a few minutes. All you have to do, in order to register, is to fill out a simple form with all your particulars. 

 The information that you will have to provide us with includes:

      •  Your full name
      •  Your  mobile number
      •  Your email address

After you have successfully filled up the online form, you will asked to give in your six digit password and a verification email will be sent to your inbox. You will be enrolled in our records as a registered member.

2. Why haven’t I received my verification email?

If you have created an account on and have not received your verification email, then please make sure that:

      • The email id you have provided is valid
      • Kindly review your account and recheck all your particulars
      • Check your junk or spam folder
      • See if your account allows you to receive emails from the ids that have not been saved by  you
      • Check your email settings

If you still seem to face a problem in receiving the verification email then feel free to contact us.

3. How do I post my product/service on Ghum Free?

In order to post a product/service advertisement on, all you have to do is  choose the particular category that the advertisement falls in. Click on the “post an ad” button and enter your advertisement’s particulars.

The particulars that you are required to provide include:

      •  Your advertisement title
      •  The description of your advertisement
      •  And of course, you will have to provide the pricing details. 

Moreover, you will be required to provide your email address to complete the advertisement post. In order to make your advertisement more influencing and attractive to the buyers you can make it seem all the more impressive and alluring. 

4. How do I modify my ad?

Provided that you are still registered with us, you can edit and improvise your postings from within the advert on any time you want to. There is an “edit post” button installed on especially for this purpose. 

You can make all the changes that you want to your post and once they have been approved by the management the post will appear on the site with the changes incorporated to it. 

5. How long will my post appear on the website?

Typically, the validity of a post on lasts a maximum of 30 days. After a month the post will expire and it will be removed by the management. 

We hope that these FAQs were of help to you. However, if you still have queries, then, do not hesitate to mail us at