About Us

Ghum Free is a viable option for all those who believe in e-commerce and marketing. 

With our help, you can search for commodities and services with utmost ease and satisfaction! We have taken the idea of advertisement to the next level. With the help of our advanced search filters and our visual rich adverts, you can buy, sell and even rent out your goods and services in just a matter of few clicks. It surely is a one window solution for all!

We keep you updated with new arrivals, so that you can lay your hands on the best merchandise available in the market. Ghum Free keeps itself posted with newer and better varieties of consumables.  

You can buy or rent the goods that you desire to be bought or rented spot on. After all, we assure you instant availability!

So sit back at home and do all the purchasing and selling in a hassle free and effortless manner. We assure you of the unsurpassed and premium quality of our products. 

You can advertise your product here at Ghum Free and then, simply wait for it to be sold in just a matter of hours! And, what is more is that, you can with our help play your advertisements on the social networking sites too like, Facebook and Twitter. After all, these social networks are much in vogue these days and they sure do play a vital role in a product’s marketing!

If you are looking forward to purchasing a house, or simply acquiring one on rent, we have the best picks for your searches. There is no longer a need to go through the pains of searching the never-ending directories, catalogues and yellow pages, for we are here with a better solution to all of your buying and selling blues!

Ghum Free is the next level classified ads platform. You can get all the commodities that you want to buy or sell on one platform, and that too, just a few clicks away!