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Posted on February 14, 2013
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VOT Experts has been providing computer hardware maintenance services to enhance the full potential of the customers requirement. Our engineers are thoroughly trained and certified to diagnose and repair hardware problems with ease. Our expertise are: 1. Onsite PC, Laptop and Peripherals repair 2. Setup and installation of new machines 3. Installation/Upgrades of Operating systems and Software 4. Hardware installations, upgrades, optimizations and tuning 5. Detecting and removal of Virus, Spy ware, Malware 6. Data Recovery Service. Recover lost data from dead hard disk. APC UPS Repairing & Services VOT Experts offer service, maintenance and repair services for most APC UPSs. APC UPS repair APC UPS maintenance APC UPS battery replacement Environmentally friendly battery disposal Environmentally friendly UPS disposal UPS Installation APC UPS repair: Our qualified technicians can come to your site to perform an evaluation and perform repairs on the spot. Alternatively, you can bring in your UPS to our depot for evaluation. We can perform in depth repairs to APC UPSs. Our repair work is always guaranteed. You can bring your APC UPS to our depot in person, or you can have it shipped to us. We will evaluate your APC UPS and let you know what's wrong and what is required to make it work. APC UPS maintenance: Our qualified technicians can perform maintenance on most APC UPSs. This maintenance can be performed on site or at our depot. We can help you evaluate the situation with your UPSs and help you decide when it's time to change batteries or upgrade UPSs. We can perform tests and calibration on your UPSs to make sure they are running as per specifications. APC UPS battery replacement: We are able to supply you with APC UPS replacement batteries and installation. If you already have batteries, we can still come to your site and install the batteries for you. Environmentally friendly battery disposal: We are able to provide environmentally friendly and safe disposal of your used old batteries. We will remove them off site and ensure that they are recycled and not disposed of into our garbage and landfills. Environmentally friendly UPS disposal: We can remove UPS equipment from your location and ensure that is disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner. UPS Installation: We can come on site and install and mount your new UPSs, whether you already had them or purchased them from us. If you are moving, we can help you with de-installation and installation at your new site. If you require service, please don't hesitate to contact us and we would be glad to help you

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